At Longleaf Builders, our goal is to build your vision of how you would like your home while offering creative solutions with the highest levels of craftsmanship, design and finish. There are only so many ways to stand out as a home builder.  For us, being truly present - always on site, fully engaged and unfailingly available - is the best way to set Longleaf apart from other contractors.

  • New Home Construction

  • Light Commercial Construction

  • Home Renovation

  • Kitchen & Bath Remodel

  • Home Repairs

Our Process

Design Review

At Longleaf Builders, we are not just builders.  We are craftsmen.  We prefer to review the drawings and specs prior to construction to ensure the design functions to meet your needs but also achieves the desired finished product.  We find that many homeowners struggle to picture a completed home in their minds.  We aim to help in this process to ensure you are pleased with the project.

Constructability Review

A constructability review is a critical component of the design process and should not be overlooked.  Our goal with this step is to save you time and money by identifying any built in or overlooked problem areas or flaws in the architectural drawings that may impede the construction process.

Project Estimate and Review

Based on the drawings and the desired finishes discussed in the Design Review, our goal is to develop a realistic budget and schedule to complete the project.  The product of this step is a baseline budget and schedule and a signed construction agreement to begin construction.

Construction / Selection

Built with Integrity.  We strive everyday to operate our business with integrity.  From project management in the office to craftsmen installing trim in the field, it is our job to provide our customers with a home or office built to a higher standard.  The higher standard starts with the craftsmen and subcontractors we hire and continues to include the selections we make with the homeowners.   We are with you every step of the way to ensure you are completely satisfied with the final product.

Construction Quality Review

Our work is not complete until we have walked the project with the owner to ensure the entire project not only meets the owner’s standard but also the Longleaf standard.  We take pride in our work, and as a result, quality is always priority number one.

Repair + Care

We care. We not only build houses, but we also help to maintain, renovate, and expand them.  As the needs of your family or business change, the needs of your home or office change as well. Longleaf Builders will be with you every step of the way.   Update to a master bathroom, new born on the way and you need another bedroom, looking for the “open concept” in the living room and kitchen, Longleaf Builders has you covered.